Gender Awards Poll November 2023

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Welcome to the Gender Awards Poll for November 2023. will make a best effort to publish the results of the Gender Awards for each month by the end of the week after each month. That means that the polling must end by the third day following the end of each month, for example, the polling deadline is end of the day on December 3, 2023, for the November 2023 Gender Awards Poll.

The Gender Awards have three categories: receives nominations from nomination buttons/forms in each of these categories linked above on pages of the website plus by extracting candidates from articles published during the month of the award.

Criteria for evaluating award candidates include:

  • Pioneering effect of original, creative, or ingenious benefits, harm, or waffling on gender-expansive communities
  • Overall effect of candidates’s benefit, harm, or waffling on gender-expansive communities (# of people affected and amount of benefit, harm, or waffling)
  • Proximity of candidate’s relevant activities to the current month with inclusion of ongoing activities as appropriate

To make an informed decision, you can start by searching for information on each candidate using the Search button on the upper right of each page of the website or by visiting the web section for each category using the links just above. You can also perform research on your own… we’d be glad to hear about any updates you’d like to post to the website!

This poll requires you to make one choice from up to a dozen award candidates appearing in random order in all three award categories plus entering your name and email address (used to try to prevent multiple voting from the same person). reserves the right to disqualify all poll entries that appear suspicious or bogus.

Choose the candidate (or candidate group) you feel is the most appropriate for the award by selecting one choice from each of the three polling questions below.

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Please return on the first day of each month to participate in the Gender Awards on an ongoing basis.

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